Echo Boxing was my attempt at a podcast.  “Real Sounds in the Real World” was the tagline I used in the open which is the best description I can think of.  It was just me going somewhere and recording sounds with my Zoom H1 recorder. Someday I might start it back up but for now this is where you can listen to everything that was Echo Boxing.

Episode 1: Porch Train

Recorded August 23, 2017

My first recording.  A summer evening on the front porch.

Episode 2: Cleaning the Garage

Recorded August 24, 2017

I clean my garage, and I added an intro featuring Jahzzar’s “Please Listen Carefully”.

Episode 3: Beach Walk

Recorded August 26, 2017

I take a walk on the beach . . . yes, North East Ohio has a beach! I also updated the intro and added credits.

Episode 4: The Donkey Farm

Recorded August 27, 2017

I visit the donkeys at Northend Acres and some dogs showed up too.

Episode 5: City Park Lunch

Recorded August 29, 2017

I have lunch on the square in downtown Twinsburg, OH.

Episode 6: Ketchup Class

Recorded September 3, 2017

I go to dinner with my sister and two nieces to Silvestro’s Depot in Painesville, OH when a class on pouring ketchup from a glass bottle gets in the way.

Episode 7: Yard Work

Recorded October 22, 2017

Its time for some yard work so I break out the mower.

Episode 8: Feeding the Donkeys

Recorded March 17, 2018

head out to Cabinwood’s Northend Acres to feed the donkeys.  For more information about Northend Acres farm please visit www.northendacres.com

Episode 9: My First Quadcopter

Recorded April 9, 2018

I fly my first racing quadcopter.  For those that are curious it is the new EMAX Hawk 5.  You can watch the video of this flight on my YouTube channel.

Episode 10: The Crawford Museum in Cleveland, OH

Recorded April 15, 2018

I take a trip back in time with a visit to the Crawford Auto Aviation Museum in Cleveland, OH.

Episode 11: A Conversation With Ray, Part 1 (Of 1)

Recorded July 4, 2018

This was the last episode I released. I decided not to publish the other “Ray” parts because I had to bleep out too much bad language.